Sarahan – Outskirt of Shimla

This is a continuation to my previous blog about Narakanda.

It was around 1 PM and we were almost done with exploring Narkanda. It was now time to reach our next destination Sarahan – Another hill station in outskirt of Shimla. It is around 170 KMs from Shimla. It is a beautiful place to visit surrounded with a snowy peaks. Sarahan has something to offer in it and you will be in love with this place when you visiting this place. This place is famous for apple and peach orchards. It is recommended to carry light woolen cloths in the summers too as evenings may get chilly at times.

We had a couple of stops during the journey from Narkanda to Sarahan which includes a Hanuman Temple and River Satluj.

A Big Hanuman Ji on the roadside temple
River Satluj near Rampur, HP

By Evening, we reached our home stay at Krishna Home Stay which was around 3 KMs from Sarahan. Krishna Home Stay is a nice newly build property and is a budget stay in Sarahan. It was a tiring day but still we had to explore the place before day’s end. Same as Narkanda, there is nothing much to do in Sarahan except enjoying the weather and the famous Bhimkali Temple. So after a rest, we decided to explore Sarahan and went to a small view point from where one can have a good view of Sarahan Valley with snowy peaks. This place is known as Hawa Ghar. It was a peaceful place and the weather there was mesmerizing. The view was picturesque so we had some good clicks. Our next destination was famous temple.

Krishna Home Stay
View from Hawa Ghar, Sarahan

Bhim Kali Temple

The multi storied temple is the main attraction of Sarahan. This is a beautiful temple with some amazing wooden work. There are rooms on rent in the temple complex with restaurant where people can stay with prior booking. The camera, mobile, shoes or other leather stuffs are not allowed inside the main temple. There are lockers available to keep your valuable items. Before entering the main complex, all has to cover their heads. There are caps available for covering heads.

Bhim Kali Temple, Sarahan

King Palace

King Palace is on a walking distance from Bhim Kali Temple. Tourists can only visit the surrounding lawn but entry to palace is not allowed. This is the only other thing to check out in Sarahan apart from watching the snow peaks and Bhim Kali Temple. We clicked some photographs and decided to have a dinner at Hotel Srikhand – a Himachal Tourism hotel.

King Palace, Sarahan

With this our second day comes to an end and we came back to hotel for a nap.

Day 3– 23rd May, 2017

This was a going to be a long ride as we had to reach our next stay which was a Tree House around 150 + KMs from Sarahan. The bad part of this journey was that we had no exploring or sightseeing. After a long ride and guidance from the local people, we managed to reach Ojuvenretreat – Tree House in Village Bhamrara. Weather again greeted us here with a rain which made us little disappointed this time because we had only a one night stay in the tree house with all the activities. Till 5.30 PM, rain stopped and we went out of the room to explore the Tree House a beautiful new property.  Mr. Naresh who is an owner of this property takes care of it and lives in the nearby village too. I along with my Son enjoyed most of the activities like Burma Bridge, Rappelling etc. With a tasty dinner, the day comes to an end.

tree house
Tree House – Ojuvenretreat
tree house table
Dining at Ojuvenretreat

Day 4 – 24th May, 2017


It was our last day in the Shimla hills and we had to reach Kalka Railway Station by 5.15 PM to board our train. We spent couple of hours at Kufri where we enjoyed horse riding and some other activities. It is a picturesque hill station situated 20 KM from Shimla. The cool and pleasant climate, along with stunning natural beauty makes it a perfect summer gateway. We had a horse ride up to the peak which was really thrilling on the inclined mud path.

At the top, there are so many activities which can be enjoyed. You can see some big Yaks waiting for getting clicked with tourists for a small amount. There are so many shops on the way where one can eat or do some local shopping.



Cherries Stall At Kufri

With Kufri, it was an end to our trip of Narkanda-Sarahan-Kufri, we reached the station and boarded our train for Delhi. Overall, this was an awesome trip and would not be forgotten for long time.

Video Links: 

Ojuvenretreat – Tree House


If you planning to visit these places, please feel free to ask/comment here if any information required.


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