Narkanda – A Destination Away from Madding Crowd

This was a month of May’2017, summer vacations were up for my son and I was in a mood to add some more destinations in my travel dairies. Hill Stations were in our mind since summers are not good to visit another place except hill stations. After a little research, I decided to visit Narkanda and Sarahan with my wife and son. We planned 3 Nights/4 Days stay from 20th May to 24th May 2017 for our trip and reached out to Northern Escape – A travel agency based in Narkanda for booking all our accommodation. They helped us in booking all our stay within a budget and prepared the entire itinerary for us. Everything was set except a source to reach the destination so I booked the Himachal Roadways Bus-HIMGAURAV (TATA-AC) a direct bus to Narkanda from Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate.

On 20th May, 2017 at 7:25 PM – we started our journey from Delhi-ISBT. The journey from Delhi – Narkanda started from plains till Kalka after that temperature started dropping. Bus kept moving up the hills through the thrilling twisted roads which were an awesome experience. Sitting on a window seat, watching natural beauty and feeling a refresh air of the hills are always soothing. Journey to Narkanda is via Shimla, Fagu, Theog along with some small villages and towns. Bus reached there early in the morning by 6 AM.

Everyone loves Shimla, isn’t it? But it was a time to go ahead from a madding crowd; therefore, I decided Narkanda. Narkanda is a town in Shimla district and is around 70 KMs from Shimla. This place is at about 9200 feet above from sea level so it was cold for us even during this time of the year. Surrounding Shivalik ranges makes it more beautiful place. For sightseeing, there is nothing much to do but still this place has something in it which attracts tourists. This place is skiing destination in the winters. As it is not much explored yet by the tourists; therefore, less commercialized which makes it clean and a best place to relax for couple of days.

Beautiful Narkanda Hills

This was Sunday morning and our first day in Narkanda. We reached there early morning and headed towards our hotel. We had our booking in Hotel Snow Flake which was just 200 meters from the main market. The room which got was a nice clean room with all basic amenities. The view of the hills from the room was pleasing and a whole a day can be spend easily while watching view from the balcony. Suddenly, the weather changed and it started raining which was a cherry on the cake for us. Due to rain, there was a dramatic change in the weather and it was now like winters for us. We cancelled our first day plan due to rain but we were not sad because raining weather already made our day wonderful. In the evening, we went out of the hotel to visit a small market in the Narkanda.

Beautiful view from Hotel Snow Flake Room

Narkanda market is not so big and has nothing special like other Mall Roads in famous hill stations like Shimla etc. It is a common market which is for local people for their daily needs. We bought Cherries from there which were really tasty. There is a one famous Restaurant – Neggi Dhaba which is always full of tourists and we also had our dinner there. They serve both Veg and Non-Veg food. After dinner, I booked a cab for our next three days trip from the Narkanda Taxi Stand.  So this day ended with stories and chat about the day’s experience.

Neggi Dhabba

Second day was going to be tiring day for us, as we had to reach Sarahan while doing some sightseeing in Narkanda. Our cab was ready early morning and we started our journey for our first destination Hatu Peak which is the only famous place to visit in Narkanda.

Hatu Peak

Hatu Peak is at about 11000 feet above sea level and is 8 Kms from Narkanda. From Narkanda one can drive or trek up to the Hatu Mata Temple as per their convenience.  A drive through fascinating Deodar jungle makes it more interesting. Temple has an awesome architecture and the view from there is very serene and beautiful. We were feeling fantastic after reaching there. It was not crowded and peaceful throughout the journey. The view from the top is still in my head and will remain forever. We felt a bit unlucky because of the cloudy weather we were unable to have a clear of snow peaks; otherwise, there was nothing to complaint about this place.


Hatu Mata Temple

Our next destination was Tanni Jubbar Lake.

Tanni Jubbar Lake

We were disappointed after reaching there. It was a small water body with a Naag Devta temple. There was no one except one more family who was also disappointed with the place. This place needs some real attention from the Himachal Tourism and some changes are required to make it famous among tourists. We took a round of the lake and clicked some photos and moved ahead. 

Tanni Jubbar Lake
Rose at Tanni Jubbar

We had to travel 100 plus KMs more, so we had a couple of small stops till Sarahan. Riding through the hilly roads is always a fun. A short drive from Sarahan we reached Thanedar where we saw a big Apple Orchard. We got to know that this is a Stokes Farms. Driver told us that this is the birth place of apples and now it is one of the main centers of Apples in India. Satyananda Stokes who turned into Hindu, started farming apples here. We crossed many small villages and towns during the visit.

It was almost an end of our day 2 in Narkanda and we had to reach Sarahan by evening. Journey up to Sarahan was also good which I’ll be covering in my another blog soon. 


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