Majestic Jaipur – Part 2

Since, Jaipur has a lot to explore so I decided to divide my Jaipur journey into two parts. This blog is a continuation to Majestic Jaipur – Part 1

City Palace

City Palace is a famous attraction among tourists in the Jaipur. It is a collection of buildings/museums, some are open to public and other are only open for Royal Family. The Museums have some good collection of ancient stuff which are worth watching.

City Palace Entry
Random Click City Palace
Random Click

Jal Mahal

The palace is at the center of the lake and looks amazing. Unfortunately, the visitors are not allowed to go in. But one can enjoy the view from the road and can also do photography.  Best time to visit this place is in the evening. There are lots of sellers along the road.

Jal Mahal

Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden

This place is away from all the hustle-bustle of the Jaipur city. After reaching this beautiful garden, I was disappointed to see very few people here. I think little work on this place can make it a good destination for tourists. The garden is well maintained and one can roam around in the fresh air. The view of mountains from the garden makes it more beautiful.

Random Click, Rani Sisodia Garden
rani bagh
Information About Rani Sisodia Garden
Outer View Rani Sisodia Garden

Vidyadhar Garden

It is a heritage garden situated on Jaipur-Agra road just opposite to Sisodia Rani Garden. This place is good photographers as they can find greenery, history, architecture and hill view. It has a typical heritage look and if you have a time please visit this garden. There is a nominal entry fee to this garden. Sisodia Rani and Vidyadhar Gardens need some attention from the Rajasthan tourism to make them more famous among the tourists.

vidhyadhar bagh
Chattris At Vidhyadar Bagh

Albert Hall Museum

This museum is located in the middle of city just near to Jaipur Zoo. This museum is very old and is famous among the tourists. It has a very unique and rich collection of ancient Indian culture, art, paintings, stones, sculpture, weapons, outfits etc. It is a must visit place. I was little disappointed as they didn’t allow me to use my DSLR inside and the ticket for using the camera inside was Rs. 5000 (Trust me it was when I visited, Shocking? I was shocked too); however, mobile camera is allowed for photography.

Amazing Albert Hall

Isar Lat Tower

It is a seven stories tower with a great view of Jaipur from the top. Nothing special here except the tower. There is an inclined path instead of stairs to climb up to the tower.

Isar Lat Tower

Jawahar Circle

I was advised to visit here in the evening for Musical Fountains Show. It is a park where in local people come for morning or evening walk. I was amazed to see the fountain show here, it was really interesting and they show the Rajasthani culture during the show. I recommend reaching this garden by 7:00 PM to grab the best seat for a proper view of the show.

Musical Fountain Video

World Trade Park

If you want to visit some mall and do some brand shopping, WTP is the right place for you. It’s a huge mall in Jaipur with almost all the brands. Food court has an ample amount of options for you to refill your tummies. There is a Dubai Bazaar on the top floor which is worth visiting.

Birla Mandir

It is a pure white marble temple situated at a busy J L N Marg in the Pink City. Architecture of the temple is really amazing which makes it a beautiful, cool and calm place to visit.

Birla Temple
birla temple view
Birla Mandir

Govind Dev Ji

It is a famous temple in the pink city. Early morning Aarti at 4.30 AM has some real good crowd. I was amazed to see the crowd and the way they were enjoying the early morning Aarti.  It is a real energy boaster place to start your day in Jaipur.

govind dev 1

Raj Mandir

It is one of the old cinema halls in India with some royal look. If you have time do visit this hall just for it’s architecture and interior. Tourists only come here to it instead of watching a movie. It is also one of the famous cinema halls in the world. It is more beautiful in comparison to it’s outer view.

Raj Mandir Video

Outer View Raj Mandir
Lights Inside Raj Mandir

That was all about my journey in Jaipur. I explored all these places in 3 days and left the Pink City with some good memories.


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