Make Under Budget Travelling Successful

I can understand that many of us think about the budget before travelling and might ends up trashing the travel plan because of being under budget. Earlier, I used to think same and many of the times I had to cancel my plans. With my travel experiences, I have learned if you are a travel freak, then, you won’t have to kill your dreams just because of the budget and trust me, it’s really easier than you expect.

I am going to share few tips which I always take care of while traveling to explore the place as much as possible with in a limited budget. “You won’t have to be RICH to travel”.


If you really want to travel, explore and relax for some time away from your regular hustle-bustle life; it is not important to choose the crowded/famous destinations. You can look for unexplored, not famous but nice places which you can visit and enjoy your vacations. Doing this will definitely save some money in your pocket. Also, look for the places during off seasons in which hotels mostly give discounts or lesser packages cost.

Search for your destination


I always prefer the cheapest mode of transport for travelling so that I won’t regret missing any place during my visit. It is not necessary to travel via luxurious mode; you can always reach out for the local transport with in the city like local buses, Autos etc. to save some money instead of giving priorities to private cabs. In India, you can use Railways or Roadways buses to travel within the states.

For local sightseeing, I always recommend to walk for some miles which help in maintaining the wealth J and health both.

Use Railways for Budget Travelling


There are massive ways to save money when you’re traveling and that can easily be done by doing a research about the place you’re going. Take help of search engines available and look for best/budget accommodation, transportation etc.

Compare the prices before booking any hotel. There are so many websites which are offering their services for room booking. I won’t recommend you to waste too much amount for just sleeping purpose until and unless you’re planning to sit in the hotel for a whole day with a cup of coffee and gossiping or else, you are RICH :). Keep in mind, looking for the budget hotel doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise with the hygiene.


Quit Shopping

If your main aim is to explore and roam around your destination, then, shopping is not necessary. Omit this activity from your list and save some good amount for current trip or future trip. Photographs are the best memories you’ll have from the trip so buying Souvenirs usually aren’t worth it.

Pic Source: Google


Budget can be maintained by visiting any normal budget restaurants or road side dhabas for eating purposes. There are lots of eating options available in the market which serves some good quality cuisines with in the budget.

Pic Source: Google

I hope this will help new traveler in managing their budget in some sort.

Keep Traveling, Happy Traveling!!! J



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